How important is penis girth Is it hard to improve What should I do if my penis is thin right now Are certain enlargement methods preferable for those of us who

What is penis girth anyway? How important is it for sex?

The truth? Penis girth is VERY important (read on:! (and if you believe most sexual surveys done of women.'s the MOST important component of size that matters) Girth visually refereed to as the circumference size of the penis, and while it's not talked about nearly as much as length. ...the truth is, according to most sexual surveys and studies, it's vitally important for helping most women orgasm from conventional sex. Why? Because most of the sensitive nerve endings for women are located on the outer edges of the vagina. ..and no amount of "depth" is going to hit these sexy spots during intercourse xtra size. (although a thicker penis certainly will)

What is the best way to make my penis WIDER from home?

2 ways. One is exercise. ..pure and simple. PC elevations, for example, are thought of as a great way of improving girth. So too are kegel exercises, and other approaches to strengthening the PC muscle in the pelvis. Penis stretching is a great way of toughening up the tissue in the penis as well....and tougher tissue usually translates into THICKER tissue, which of course, leads to greater girth by definition.

The other approach?

Penile extension devices like a medically rated stretching apparatus. What are they? Very simple. They are enlargement products you wear at both home or at work, under your clothing, that endeavor to stretch, stress and grow the penile tissue on a daily basis. ...while you are off living your life. This approach emulates stretching exercises done by hand...but is MUCH more powerful and expeditious, simply because it continues to work for long periods of the day automatically. ...and doesn't' require lots of exercise, as manual stretching requires.

The bottom line?

Girth is the ONE element of penis size that no one argues is important. ..and the good news is, it's actually the easiest area to enlarge as well! Follow the simple strategies above and you'll be WELL on your way to getting great gains from home....100% guaranteed!

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