Air compressors can be very useful pieces of machinery powering many different kinds of tools However if you don t have an in line filter for your compressor sy

Whether you have a portable compressor or a fixed industrial unit, the air that the compressor uses to perform its main function can be contaminated by dust, moisture, rust particles and even oil that can build up in your compressor. As the air is compressed, these contaminates are concentrated and forced though the hose and into your tools. The number of impurities coming into your compressor can be greatly reduced with the use of an air filter (check out:

Air compressor air filters have one function: to trap airborne particles traveling through the compressor so they are not released back into the environment or into your tools. One of the major causes of damage to tools is moisture, which can get into your compressor if you work in a particularly humid environment or even during the compression process itself. Moisture can ruin lubrication systems in impact tools, and cause clogs in the nozzles of sand blasters. Dust can be another major problem should it travel through your compressor. If you're using a paint sprayer for example, dust can mix with the paint and alter the finish of the paint.

Many modern air compressors come equipped with moister separators that extract excess moisture. Sometimes they are enough to do the trick, but if you are working in more severe conditions you will need a filter as well as an air dryer. Basic filters utilize a centrifuge which actually spins the moisture and oil particles into a storage container where they are then discharged with an automatic drain. They also include a main filter element which traps larger particles of dust and other airborne contaminants preventing dirty air from reaching your tools.

Installing an inlet air filter is not the only precaution you need to take. To ensure your compressor continues to run at its optimum level, the inlet air filter needs to be cleaned. Most can be cleaned by rinsing the element and wiping down the inside of the unit. If you notice your tools aren't quite as powerful as they once were, check to make sure your filter is clean.

An air compressor can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal, and if you want to prolong its life along with the life of your tools, filters are a much needed accessory.

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