Lifting weights provide a great means of exercising both single and multiple muscle groups at the same time Aside from its benefits to developing body strength

However, because of the prohibitive cost of gym membership, a lot of weight lifting enthusiasts would rather invest in creating a mini home gym and doing their sets and reps there. There are many home workout programs that assist individuals seeking to do their workouts at home. There are a lot of reasons that support the creation of home gyms and those that are against it. If you are thinking of making space at home for your very own fitness club, then read the following pros and cons to see the whole picture:

Pros of Home Gyms:

1. It doesnt require monthly memberships. To create your own fitness center, all you need is to free up some space in your home (maybe an unused stock room or a guest room), invest once in the necessary gym equipment and you're done. You don't have to worry about costly gym memberships that can put a significant dent in your pocket (check out:

2. It saves you time and money on traveling to the health club and back. You can exercise even when its snowing hard or raining outside, when driving to the gym is not only difficult but dangerous.

3. Having your very own health club at home is undoubtedly convenient. You don't have to worry about gym opening and closing times. Whether you choose to lift your weights early dawn, late at night or mid-afternoons, you follow your own schedule.

4. Your husband, wife and kids can do the workout with you. You don't have to worry about leaving your infant in the care of a baby sitter you hardly know just to be able to stick to your workout schedule.

5. You set a good example to your children. Seeing mom and dad exercise regularly inculcates in them the value of taking care of their health.

6. You're assured that your own equipment is kept clean and sanitary. You don't share anyone else's sweat and avoid the viral or bacterial contamination that could lead to diseases when you're doing your workouts on your own equipment xtra size.

Cons of Home Gyms:

1. It can get too convenient. Because you have your very own fitness club right at home, there's always the tendency to grow lax in your regimen.

2. Interruptions are inevitable especially if you've got young kids and pets around. You have to stop your lifting regimen when they call.

3. You miss out on the expertise of a gym coach who can guide you to the development of proper form and more efficient techniques.

4. You have to discipline yourself to stick to your workout regimen in the absence of gym buddies. Working out with a group of people has been shown to be a factor in maintaining exercise commitments.

5. You do need a significant amount of capital to be able to buy decent gym equipment that will satisfy your weight lifting needs.

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