You may need a penis curvature treatment associated with the Peyronie s disease if your penis suddenly bends after being straight especially if there is pain in

Penis curvature is normal, and is considered part of standard human deviation. If you observe your fingers, you'll notice that probably not all ten of those are straight, either. It's just normal variation, just as it is normal for women's breasts to come in all different shapes and sizes or for women's vulvas to come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Normal penises can be erect at anything from about 30-45 degrees while there are boners that are stiff enough that the top of the penis almost touches the man's belly. Sometimes, penises will be erect in slightly different ways at different times, or at different stages in a man's life. Penis curvature normally develops simply from the organ's internal structures growing to unequal size, a condition that's quite common since every penis is built a little differently. A woman's vagina is highly flexible, so it's not likely that some degree of curvature in a penis will have any anatomical bearing on intercourse.

However, if you experience symptoms such as painful erection, a bent in the penis with erection, narrowing of the diameter of the penis with erection, thick band of hard tissue within the penis or penis suddenly bending after being straight then you should go see a doctor that specializes in mens health (urologist). It could be Peyronie's disease and you may need a penis curvature treatment.

Penile curvature occurs when fibrous tissue develops on the tunica albuginea (the lining of the erectile bodies of the penis). The exact cause of fibrosis is still not known. The resulting fibrous tissue causes a bend to develop during erection that is painful and can make intercourse difficult or impossible. The condition affects around 388 of 100,000 men and mostly occurs among men between 40 and 60 years and older.

An association has been noted with Dupuytren's contracture, a cord-like thickening across the palm of one or both hands causing the 4th and 5th fingers to pull in toward the palm. This is a fairly common disorder of white men over 50 years old. However, only 1 to 2% of individuals with Dupuytren's contracture develop curvature of the penis.

Also, there is an association with HLA B27 antigen cross-reactivity. A person with this condition has a particular type of immune cell marker that indicates the condition may be inherited.

Penis Curvature Treatment

Symptoms may be decreased somewhat with a penis curvature treatment involving radiation therapy or corticosteroid injections into the fibrous band of tissue. Verapamil, an oral medication used for high blood pressure, has recently been shown to improve the disease, and has been approved for use in treating Peyronie's.

If the medical approach to the penis curvature treatment fails and intercourse is not possible, surgery may be performed to correct the condition. Because of the risk that this procedure will cause impotence, it is only performed if intercourse is impossible xtra size.

Penile curvature develops progressively and may make intercourse difficult, painful, or impossible. The disease is also associated with development of impotence xtrasize.

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