stunning as it may seem Kleenex can actually cause skin problems Contact dermatitis from Kleenex is actually a possible condition Before there were law suits fo

Contact dermatitis from Kleenex occurs because of Kleenexs ingredient of malic acid that can cause skin irritation to some people. However, it is now possible for you to avoid contact dermatitis from Kleenex. Due to the problems encountered in the past, they have now made improvements on their products.

With the advancements of technology you can now avoid contact dermatitis from Kleenex. Kimberly Clark has made new formulas and products that dont contain malic acid. If you experience contact dermatitis from Kleenex, there are now other Kleenex alternative products you can use if you need tissue paper. Get to know some of them.
Virus Killing Tissue
One alternative is the anti-viral tissue made by Kleenex. This is a new product from Kleenex that can kill 99% of viruses, causing colds and flu, within the tissue. Basically it is a tissue designed for use if you have colds or flu, so that the virus doesnt spread in the environment, especially at home.

Since skin irritation has been an issue for most mothers, especially when using products for their babies, Kleenex was asked about skin sensitivity and irritation of this new product. Kleenex answered that yes, it is safe and gentle enough for the whole family, even for the delicate skin of babies.

Hypoallergenic Toilet Tissue

If you need not so fancy tissue paper for toilet use that wouldnt cause you contact dermatitis attacks, you can opt for Kleenexs Hypoallergenic Toilet Tissue. It is tissue paper made with fewer ingredients that can cause allergies to trigger your skin irritation (link: These may come in scented and unscented forms, since some people are allergic to perfumes and scents.

Facial Tissues

If you need facial tissues that wont trigger your dermatitis, you can use Kleenex Cold Care Facial Tissues, With Aloe & Vitamin E. This tissue product works like their anti-viral tissue, but has some perks with it. It also contains aloe and vitamin E; to be sure that it is skin safe, even for those with extremely sensitive skin and allergies.

These are the alternatives youve got if you have contact dermatitis from regular tissue paper. However, there are also other brands that cater hypoallergenic and skin safe tissue papers. These are widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets and all you have to do is look.

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